SerenityStyles | About Me
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Hello, I am Serenity! I am the owner and creator of SerenityStyles.

I cover all your photography needs from senior portraits to weddings. I try to find beauty in all things, and my passion is to show everyone just how magical their life is through my lens



I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I began as a traditional artist and then ventured into graphic design, I was always interested in photography and as time went on I realized my true passion was in the field of photography.


My primary goal is to give you the best quality images, and I edit every picture individually to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results.

  • 01 UPLOAD

    After a long photo shoot I upload every picture to Lightroom where everything is organized by date and style.

  • 02 IDEA

    I look through all the pictures and create my vision and style for your photoshoot.

  • 03 RETOUCH

    I begin by retouching every picture, simple things like color correction and acne retouching.

  • 04 EDIT

    I then incorporate my vision into every picture while creating magic and art.

  • 05 CREATE

    Once I'm finished I go through every picture a second and third time to make sure everything is perfect.