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How To Use a Camera

Un-schooled, and proud of it.
Hi, I’m Serenity! I have never officially been to any art classes, I was home-schooled nearly my whole life. I have no photography or arts degrees. I am a self-taught and self-motivated artist. I am here to bring the bottom to the top and change the way we see life, we are more than degrees and tests
We are passion, love, beauty, technique… We are art

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Well, I wanna hear about it! Use the #SerenityStyles on you’re social media websites. I would love to talk to anyone about anything art. Have some tips or ideas? Send them my way! Are you a new artist looking for direction? Take it from me, there is no better way to learn than personal trial and error, I would love to help get you started!

What I Do

I try to bring something new to my photographs.
Something that will speak to people…
It’s not about capturing a moment, it’s letting the moment capture you.
When we look out at the world what do we see? People? Nature? Objects? Places? What if there is more? Moments, emotions, feelings… What if we could capture everything in an image, take it to the next level, a level deeper than just taking a picture. I try to photograph the world in that next level.

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  • Digital Photography
  • Custom Drawings
  • Framed Photography

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Everything I do is from a customer point of view. When I started SerenityStyles I wanted it to be buyer friendly, giving you the best of art for the best possible price and quality. When you buy from me you save: Time, Money and Stress. Art speaks to everyone, and I am confident I have something that will speak to you. Browse through my art collection and Shop.  Sit back, relax and take in the creative atmosphere. Take your time and find your own Unexpected Beauty.