SerenityStyles | Investment
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Do you ever feel like life is slipping by you? Time flies, especially when life is as beautiful as yours. No matter who you are, your life is a photograph waiting to be captured, and I have the camera. It’s time to take a moment to slow down and admire you, your family, your friends, and whatever else seems to be flying by.

It is called an investment because it is more than buying a product from a retailer or a service from a contractor, this is your life and I guarantee these pictures will be something that you will hold on to forever and will love for the rest of your life. Your life is already so beautiful, let me capture it for you and show you just how magical it is through my lens.

  • First Hour

  • $100hour
    • Minimum One Hour
    • One Location
    • One Outfit

  • Additional Hours

  • $50hour
    • Two or More Hours
    • Multiple Locations
    • Multiple Outfits

  • Basic Wedding

  • $150hour
    • Minimum One Hour
    • Ceremony and Reception
    • One Photographer

  • Engagement

  • $0total
    • With Wedding Purchase
    • One Location
    • One Outfit