Client Story

Rebecca and Larry

Kansas City

I first contacted Serenity Ohlsen spur of the moment June of 2020 for a crazy engagement shoot to announce our engagement. It was at the very beginning of the pandemic. I did lots of searching online to find a photographer who did bright and vibrant shoots like I prefer.

I contacted Serenity spur of the moment with a crazy idea I had. We wanted our engagement shoot at the local drag strip that we raced our Camaros at regularly. Although it was a completely unique idea to her, she was excited. We got our first edits within a week and our final edits within 2 weeks.

Once we chose a date (Feb 6, 2021) we met within a month later at the venue to discuss details and a timeline for the wedding. 

Fast forward to months later. My husband and I decided in November to postpone our wedding until October 2, 2021 due to the unknowns with the pandemic. Thankfully Serenity was available.

At the beginning of 2021 I contacted Serenity with another crazy idea. I wanted a pre-wedding married photoshoot at the West Bottoms. Once again, she stepped up to the challenge and killed it!! (I wanted unique photos for our reception since our friends and family had been seeing the same engagement photos for 1+ years)

Once our wedding day approached Serenity was there and full of ideas and recommendations. She was there when I wanted to go to the venue with my day of coordinator to go over ideas, plans, and the day of schedule.

The day of the wedding Serenity wasn’t only our photographer, but she also stepped in as a second day of coordinator and every other job that was possibly needed. She went above and beyond for us!! I can’t recommend her more. Please check out her photography page. You’re not only booking a photographer, you’re booking a lifelong photographer. We’ll never go elsewhere. She really is AMAZING! You will not regret booking her.

She was always on time for every meeting and every photoshoot. We always had our final edits for photos within 2 weeks. (I’ve read a lot of horror stories) Her texts and responses are always very quick.

She definitely captured all the serious and fun moments of our special day.


This review comes straight from Rebecca, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!